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No responsibility is assumed with regard to both the content of what is published on this website and its use by third parties and for any contaminations caused by accessing, interconnecting with, and downloading electronic materials and programmes from this site.


Therefore, Casali Romei, which is in charge of this site, will not, in any manner, be liable for damages, losses, and injuries of any kind that third parties may suffer due to contact with this site, or following the use of what is published or the software that is used. Any information communicated spontaneously by third parties to the website may be used freely by Casali Romei.


Handling of personal data


Access to some sections of the website and/or any requests for information or data from website visitors can be subordinate to the inclusion of personal data which will be handled in absolute accordance with law no. 675 of 31 December 1996. The providing of these personal data is absolutely optional and at the discretion of the interested party.


Casali Romei, a company established in accordance with the regulations of Italian law, as the owner of the handled information, has appointed as the managers of the aforementioned handled data the company itself with headquarters in Via Monterosso 2, Loc. Belvedere 19038 Sarzana), as far as regards requests for information and promotional-advertising materials and as far as regards information of a technical character inherent to the products.


More specifically, it will handle personal data for the purposes explained above with electronic and data communication tools, and manual ones when necessary, using logics closely correlated with the aforementioned purposes, nevertheless in a way that guarantees the safety of the data.


The personal data of website visitors will be filed at Casali Romei, with headquarters at Via Monterosso 2, Loc. Belvedere 19038 Sarzana) and will be communicated within the scope of the Casali Romei company in accordance with art. 20.1 sub-paragraph H of Law no. 675 of 31 December 1996.


The interested party can at any time assert the rights that are due to him/her with Casali Romei in accordance with art. 13 of the aforementioned Law no. 675 of 31 December 1996, by sending a letter by ordinary mail to:


Casali Romei
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